Deck Power Washing And Seal Estimate in Baltimore

Deck Power Washing

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Do you need a deck power washing and seal estimate in Baltimore?

Here 2 mistakes to avoid when choosing a power washing company in Baltimore.

1.) The power washing company that offers the lowest price is the company you should choose to do the work?

MAYBE, but not every time.  Here are 2 things to consider…

a. The price you see advertised may not be for the services you want done.  Before you choose a business, decide what your goals for the job are.  If you want the power washer to remove only some of the grime and dirt, you can choose from 100’s of power washers that use small non-commercial grade power washing units or other cleaning methods.  Or, you can even rent a unit at the local hardware store and do the job yourself.

b. On the other hand, if you want the most thorough cleaning possible, if you want to remove the algae, bacteria,damaging dirt, pollen, and chemical residue, then you need to choose a business that uses a hot or cold water power washing unit mounted in a truck.  This is the only way to be assured that your decks, siding, concrete, etc…remain clean, restored and free from grime and harmful chemicals.

So just remember the prices you see advertised may not be for the exact services you want done.

2.) The actual price you wind up paying may not be the prices you saw advertised.

Many consumers have found out that the amount they paid was not the low price that they saw advertised.

And if you have ever hired a power washer, you too may have fallen victim to untrue or deceiving advertising.  You’ve probably found out the hard-way that some power washers offer a low price, and then pressure you to try and get you to pay more once they get to the job.  A few may even break the law by utilizing illegal bait and switch maneuvers.

As in all industries the power washing profession has its dose of bottom feeders.  I get no enjoyment in relaying this message to you, but a few are unethical and even go as far as not telling the whole truth.  This misleading information makes the whole industry look bad.

Then you will find other power washers, pros like us who work very diligently to earn your respect and trust.

To try and better our industry, I’ve devoted my company to educating consumers.

Here’s how to avoid these 2 mistakes

If you would like an accurate estimate to power wash and seal your deck in Baltimore, you can call 410-977-9165, and rest to assure that we will give you an accurate quote that you can count on.

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