How To Protect Your Outdoor Wood

Outdoor Wooden Deck With Water On It

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Do you have outdoor wood?  Maybe a deck, wooden siding, a gazebo, patio furniture or a dock?

It is important that you protect the bare wood from certain elements including things like weather, fungus, algae, pollution, and insects.

All of these things can be very costly and damaging to the wood, reducing the life spam and causing costly repairs.

Here are some excerpts from an article on the “This Old House” television show website, on protecting your outdoor wood.

Betty Lou from Salisbury Maryland wrote in and asked the experts – “What’s the difference between a “water repellent” and a “wood preservative”?

Tom Silva from This Old House replied with an extensive answer.

Here are the highlights from his answer:

Wood Preservatives:

  • Contain chemicals that destroy the bugs and fungus that dis-color and decay wood.
  • They are categorized as pesticides therefore they are highly regulated by environmental laws.
  • It is very important to follow the manufacturers instructions and handle and dispose of with care.

Water Repellents:

  • A finish that penetrates into the wood containing oil or wax manufactured to stop water from absorbing into the wood.
  • Makes it difficult for Organisms (which dis-color or destroy the wood) to grow and thrive because they require water to live.
  • Must be re-applied to bare wood every 1 -2 years.
  • They also act as a wood stabilizer limiting it’s predisposition to warping and/or cracking.

Some water repellents contain small traces of wood preservative and these are referred to as Water Repellent Wood Preservatives.

What if you are going to be painting the wood?

Most people think of these products as mostly being used on decks and siding that don’t get a top coat of paint.  However, using these types of products prior to painting will provide the ultimate protection against decay and it does not require to be re-applied until when/if the paint fails.

Before you begin to protect

It is important that unless the wood is brand new to have it power washed by a professional power washing Md company.  This will thoroughly remove all of the dirt and grim on the wood so that you get the best results from whatever wood protect-ant you decide to use.

Need help?

If you would like your outdoor wood professionally protected, call Sparkly Clean Pressure Washing today at 410-977-9165, for an outdoor wood audit to see which type of product would be best for your specific situation.

Here is a link to the full article: Protecting Your Outdoor Wood

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