Pressure Washing Guide to Refinishing Your Deck


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Pros’ Bill and Kevin Burnett give their advice on deck refinishing on Yahoo Real Estate. They answer a reader’s question about the best way to prepare a deck for sealing.

They recommend:

  • Pressure washing the deck in place of sanding it
  • Clean and treat your deck with a preservative every 1 to 2 years
  • Remove any mildew by pressure washing thoroughly
  • Use a pressure washer with at lease 1,500 psi
  • Use the fan setting on the nozzle and keep it moving to prevent a ripple effect
  • Use a chemical deck cleaner for really bad decks
  • Apply your sealer or stain

You can check out the entire article here:
Pros’ guide to deck refinishing

Professional Maryland Pressure Washing

Don’t feel like doing it yourself?

…or maybe you don’t have the time or right equipment to do it properly.

Done for you service:

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