Rust Stain Removal

Ugly rust stains on your concrete, house, or other hard surfaces?


Does it drive you crazy every time you look at it?

Are you fed up and ready to make it look like new again?

Rust stains are cause by a variety of different things, and can appear on different types of surfaces…

…therefore the removal process is not a 1 step process to remove every stain.

The only way to do it properly (without causing further damage to your concrete) is by using the right products and process.

Rust stains can get embedded in the surface and should never be treated with over-the-counter acid based products.

Rust Removal Service In Maryland

We offer professional rust stain removal on hard surfaces that will not harm plants or grass.

It is safe for just about any type of surface including glass and windows.

We are a Maryland Area Rust Stain Removal Professional Applicator of the Front 9 Restoration System.

With the process that we use, we are able to provide up to 100 percent rust stain removal on:

  • Rust Stains On Concrete
  • Fertilizer Rust Stains
  • Battery Acid Rust Stains
  • Irrigation Sprinkler Rust Stains
  • Automobile Radiator Rust Stains
  • Concrete Bases for Light Posts
  • Garage Doors, Shutters, Windows, Roofs, Stucco, Brick, Siding, etc…

…and more.

2 Of The Most Common Types Of Rust Stains

Fertilizer Rust Stains – these can be caused by fertilizer pellets left on the concrete after treating your yard.  When these pellets are left behind, as soon as they get wet, they start to bleed and leave tiny rust stains over the concrete.  Without removing these stains the correct way, you can do further damage to the concrete.  We use the Front 9 Restoration products and their specific process for removing the stains, without further damaging the concrete.  

Battery Acid Rust Stains – these types of stains are usually caused by washing a vehicle that contains a battery (car, golf cart, etc…) when on a concrete surface such as a driveway or parking pad.  They become embedded in to the pores of the concrete and leave behind ugly rust stains.  Many homeowners will try to use over-the-counter acid based cleaners to remove these stains.  These type of cleaners are unsafe, hazardous to your health and the environment, and can do further damage to your concrete…especially if used incorrectly.

Here’s your next step…

If you need professional rust stain removal services in Maryland…

…give us a call today at 410-977-9165 or simply fill out the form on the top right of this page. 

We will provide you with a free estimate for all of your rust stain removal needs.


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