Power Washing Baltimore That is Effective Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Power Washing Baltimore

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Power Washing in Baltimore that is effective and safe. Do you have a dirty house, black or green discolored deck, green algae or moss growing on your pavement and/or a streaky roof?

Does it just bother you every time you look at it?

We are here to help you!

We have developed a 3 step process to get it clean and bring back the original look of when it was brand new.

We evaluate the job, we plan out the best system (water temp, tools, settings, and cleaning agent(s)) to get the grime off, then we clean to bring back the original luster.

Power Washing Baltimore

Most other companies come to you with inferior equipment bought at the local hardware store, don’t bring their own water tank, use cheap cleaning agents, and only offer cold water cleaning – they do not offer hot water cleaning at all…even if your job really needs hot water to get it done right (and they know it!).

What Sets Us Apart

We have professional grade equipment that the pros use – this provides you with the highest level of cleaning possible.  When we started this company we invested 10 times the average of what most people do.  We did this to set ourselves apart from the competition.  We can do a better job cleaning…period!

Our truck has it’s own water tank so we do not need to tap into your water supply – this saving you money on your water bill.  Most people do not realize how much water is actually needed to do an effective job.

Highest Standards in Quality and Environmentally Friendly

All of the cleaning agents we use are of the highest standards in quality and friendly for the environment.  It’s not a one soap cleans all business…we have the knowledge to know which cleaning agent is best to use on your specific job and what will get it properly cleaned to our high standards.  Again most companies our there use one type of cleaning agent bought at the local hardware store.

We also offer HOT water cleaning.  This really sets us apart from our competition.  Think about it for a second…when you need to clean something, doesn’t hot water work better in certain applications?  It’s the same for power washing….sometimes hot water is needed to get the job done properly…and we have the ability to do this.

How To Get Your Power Washing in Baltimore Done Properly At The Lowest Possible Cost

If you want to have your house, deck, driveway, etc… cleaned properly at the lowest possible price give us a call today at 410-977-9165 or fill out the form on the top right of this page.

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